Control Valves Manual

Although it doesn't always receive the proper attention, The choice of the most suitable final control element is of great importance for the good performance of a control loop., because it is responsible for modifying different values ​​so that the variable under control is kept at the desired value. There are several types of final control elements, such as electrical resistances, bomba, motor, etc., although, without a doubt the most used and for this reason the most important is the control valve. your types, your characteristics, your sizing, etc.; will be studied in the attached handout.


Generally speaking, it can be said that this is a device whose purpose is to cause an obstruction in the pipe in order to allow more or less fluid to pass through it.. This obstruction can be partial or total., manual or automatic. In other words, it is the device that, through a moving part, opens, obstruct or regulate a passage through a pipe. Its main objective is the variation of the flow rate. The valves are classified according to the actuation topology:

a) Manual
b) self-regulating
c) Control

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Control Valves Manual
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