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Subscription FaPro Access Plans

The Project Factory divides its content into two modes of access to technical content [N0 Basic Access or N3 Advanced Access]. This way you will be able to participate or access the Project Factory in a specific way according to your area of ​​interest. Carefully read the access rights for each level. Select your level of participation and join as a member of the Project Factory:

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Basic Access
Member N0

Online calculations, FPCAD and CAD Blocks


*Annual commitment fee.
click in "Join Now" and know the conditions for a (1) and six (6) months of access.

N0 Access Rights:
-Access to Online Calculations
-2D and 3D Block Download
-APP FPCAD Lisp por 30 days for new members or access renewal

N0 Read Access:
Technical Material

N0 No Access:
Calculation Spreadsheets

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Full Access
Member N3

Spreadsheets, Online calculations, FPCAD and CAD Blocks


*Annual commitment fee. click in "Join Now" and find out the conditions for access periods of less than twelve (12) months.

N3 Access Rights:

-N3 Calculation Worksheets
-2D and 3D blocks
-Online Calculations
(FPCAD application and spreadsheets released according to contracted time)

N3 Read Access:

Technical Material

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Check out the testimonials of those who have already participated as an N3 member

"I work with more than 30 years in the fields of mechanics, metallic structures, industrial piping. Congratulations, it's an excellent way to solve most problems, a great program, was worth the investment!" Luciano Celso de Oliveira.

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