Industrial Warehouses, Metallic Structures and Mezzanines

FP Projects: Stress analysis using the Finite Element method – UGLY

Publicized Projects FP 3D modeling and study of efforts using the Finite Element method – UGLY (Finite Element Analysis) for checking the structural integrity and load capacity of the most varied types of industrial equipment: scouts, reactors, heat exchangers, access platforms, stairs, pipe-racks, supports, cranes, woman, storage tanks (various fluids), transfer pumps, pipes, valves and others. The drawings can be executed freely or on a floor plan/model sent by the customer.

FP Projects: Monovia

Publicized Projects FP Monorail project according to the client's needs. Complete executive project, in detail, bill of materials and commercial components, Technical details, separation of boiler and machining (if there is). Project can be delivered in pdf, dwg and 3D format. Delivered with ART. Value …

FP Projects: Tubular Structure Project

Publicized Projects FP Project of tubular metallic structure in steel for advertising panel, weather resistant, wind force, pressures and underpressures. Dimensions: 108 m x 9,7 m. Sambadrome Rio.

FP Projects: Shed Project in Metallic Structure

FP Published Projects: Development of projects for metallic structures and general purpose sheds. Contact us for a quote informing the dimensions and characteristics of your …

FP Projects: Metallic Mezzanine

Projects Published Project Factory: Metallic Mezzanine Project with access ladder and guardrail. * Checkered plate floor. * Guard fixed by screws. * Mezzanine structure in W and U profiles. * Structure calculation performed according to standard. * Detailed project with material listing, calculation and manufacturing design memorial.

FP Projects: Restaurant metallic structure

Publicized Projects FP Metal structure for a restaurant, with 25.0m x 15,0 m with free span of 10.0m.

FP Projects: Industrial warehouse for logistics

Published Projects FP Metal warehouse with 25m span, arched structure, ceiling height 7m. Dimensions according to current standards…

FP Projects: Life line

FP Published Projects
Lifeline sizing, both permanent and temporary.

I provide design and memory …

FP Projects: Horizontal Lifeline Design

FP Published Projects
Life line project – 5 a 10 meters of free length (conf. According to the requirements of Annex II of NR-35 of the MTE and ANBT NBR-16325-2.) With technical calculations, instructions for…

FP Projects: Shed Project & Cover in metallic structure 15 x 30 with structure to support overhead crane

FP Published Projects
Shed project in metal structure 15 x 30 with structure to support overhead crane, dimensioned and calculated aiming for quality …

FP Projects: Scaffolding Project

I do complete scaffolding projects from the basic to the most complex, I have experience…

FP Projects: Projects of complete steel structures and equipment

I develop projects of complete metallic structures and mechanical equipment according to the needs of each client, need for project as well as documents, projects with ART and…

FP Projects: Mezzanine Project, Platforms and Structures

Mezzanine Executive Project, platforms and metal structures in general as required and customer specification

FP Projects: Metal Shed

Metal shed executive project as required and customer specification, project with project ART with CREA. If you need it, I can do ART from…

FP Projects: Metallic structures – Mezzanines, roofs, stairs, platforms.

My name is Rafael, I am a mechanical engineer and work with the design of metallic structures. I have knowledge in locksmithing, So I can do projects based on the use of material, which considerably reduces execution costs…

FP Projects: Metal Structures

I've been a designer 17 years old, I have worked on various types of boiler projects,equipment and metallic structures, deliver complete project, with details of each part and complete detail …

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