Conveyors Series: Redler or Drag Carrier

Pursuing the series conveyors, the Project Factory features equipment that is widely used for transporting and removing various types of raw materials and industrial waste: The Redler or Drag Carrier.

Drag carriers or redlers are equipment applied for light and heavy transport services, and its components are normally designed and manufactured for high wear and abrasion resistance.

The equipment basically consists of an open or closed chute through which the product is transported (dragged) through one or more driving currents(s) gifted(s) of trailing taliscas. It usually works with the drag chain immersed in the transported product, carrying high layers of product. It is well used in handling various products, grains, minerals, corrosive, toxic, purulent and very hot.

Depending on the shape and height of your gutter, which can be divided into two compartments can carry loads in two directions, i.e, over, in the upper part of the chain and still below on the lower part.

Can be manufactured with custom capacity and length, according to the transported material and required length.

Some possible variations in the design of these equipments:

  • Single Drag Carrier, suitable for horizontal transport or with small inclines;
  • Inclined conveyors, L-shaped or tilted up to 90º.
  • Self-cleaning conveyors indicated products that cannot be contaminated;
  • Conveyor with slivers, suitable for highly abrasive and high temperature products, as in boiler ash removal, feeding with wood chips and residues.

Depending on the application, conveyors can be equipped with UHMW chain, bottoms and sides coated with anti-wear plate and/or made of stainless steel.

The basic requirements for calculation and design are presented below, in another series of documents from the world's major manufacturers

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Conveyors Series: Redler or Drag Carrier
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