Month: janeiro 2020

Project Requested - Mechanical Project of Double Polycrane With Articulated Arms |End Day 05 fev 20|

I need a Mechanical Project for a Double Polycrane with Articulated Arms. Complete mechanical project complete with materials and commercial items.

FP Projects: Industrial warehouse for logistics

Published Projects FP Metal warehouse with 25m span, arched structure, ceiling height 7m. Dimensions according to current standards…

FP Projects: Utilities Project for Air Conditioning

Publicized Projects FP Chilled water system for use in fancoils, the system includes the chiller chiller water delivery and return piping (equipment that exchanges heat with water to cool it) even the fancoils.

Project Requested - Lambo door doors for Peugeot 206 |End Day 03 feb 20|

FP Project Request: I would like the technical drawing of the hinge project from 90 degrees , for Peugeot 206 2 doors . for self-test.

Requested Project - Scrap Alligator Press |End Day 31 jan 20|

FP Project Request Dimensions of the processing box 2,500×1.750×1.000 Dimensao two bales 0.50×0,50x variable Weight of bales 100 at 250kg Production 10 a 15ton h

Requested Project - Compressed air and vacuum generation and distribution project - dental clinic |end day 29 jan 20|

I need a budget for the project project in the attached image. Compressed Air and Vacuum Generation and Distribution Installation Project for the three points (chairs) according to Architectural…

FP N3 Applications: Pressurized reservoir sizing worksheet

Pressurized reservoir sizing worksheet: Worksheet assists in the sizing and selection of pressurized reservoirs through pumps and compressed air. Calculates the total volume of the reservoir, security volume, volume of ar, reservoir diameter and inlet and outlet diameters.

FP Projects: Oven for drying processed parts

Oven for drying processed parts, NE compliant 40-012. external measurements: 1,4 x 1,6 x 3 meters Internal measurements of the working area: 0,6 x 1,2 x 2,0 meters Volume of the useful work zone: 1,44 cubic meters Working temperature/: 54°C Voltage: TRIPHASIC Potencia: 7000 You are 7 Kw/h Heating system …

Requested Project - Complete project of laying concrete block machine ( 9x19x39 machine and shapes, 14x19x39 e 19x19x39). |End Day 02 fev 20|

I need a budget for a complete project of 14x19x39 laying machines for concrete blocks…

FP N3 Applications: Worksheet for simplified tube selection, side and tops by internal pressure

FP Spreadsheet Apps for Simplified Pipe Selection, side and tops by internal pressure: Spreadsheet assists in calculations and selection of piping by acting internal pressure. Calculate wall thickness. Spreadsheet also provides parameters for…

Requested Project - Residential Elevator for 1 floor (maximum displacement 3 meters) |End Day 15 fev 20|

FP Project Request We are interested in three elevator versions: Spindle Drive; Movement by telescopic hydraulic cylinders; Handling by steel cables The mechanical projects must contain lists of materials with indication of sources of …

FP N3 Applications: Spreadsheet for calculating bevel gears

FP Applications Spreadsheet for calculating bevel gears: Worksheet for specifying and sizing bevel gear set. Worksheet calculates the set based on the number of teeth, driven power and rotation.

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